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11502 Tanner Rd
Houston, Texas 77041
Ph: 832-755-7475
Fax: 281-463-4359
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PC Scrap

HCRC Specializes on recycling all types of electronics, including PCs, communication equipment and cellular phones.

Houston PC Recycle

HCRC Operates a facility where we collect electronic equipment, classify it and prepare it to be recycled.

Electronic Equipment Disposal

Houston Computer Recycle Center

Houston Computer Recycling Center

Your One-Stop Recycle Center for scrapping Personal Computers, Parts, and other PC Components

Our Pickup Service is Free in the Houston Area.

Computer Recycling - Our Purpose

HCRC has the solutions for all obsolete computers or computers no longer being used.

HCRC proposes to educate all people and companies to recycle and not throw away computers and electronics into land fields.

In our city of Houston, every day hundred of electronics and computers are thrown away to land fields like: Computer Systems, Monitors, telephone equipment and much more.

HCRC also provides residents and companies from the Houston and surrounding areas to drop off any equipments to our location. .

All electronics contain hazardous quantities of heavy metals like Cadmium, lead and mercury. These elements work perfect on a working computer, but when this computer is discarded or no longer used, there’s a possibility that it will go to a land field, therefore all of these toxic elements can be exposed to the environment which contaminates it.

This is why HCRC specializes on recycling all type of electronics. This way HCRC gives a responsible end to these toxic elements which helps our environment.